Satin Rhytidoplasty

General Information

 We always discuss healthy ageing, healthy loss of weight, healthy eating and the most important, how to have a proper diet, how can we lose weight and how can we stay young without disturbing the current metabolism. As diet or anti-ageing creams do not fully meet your needs, we’ll talk about the best technological combination ever made.


What is BTL Exilis Elite (Satin Effect)?

BTL Exilis Elite, which is used with more than 2500 references in 53 different countries including Europe, America and Asia, is a system with FDA approvals by American Health Organization.

This system, which has numerous awards in Asia, is used on both body and face. As mentioned above, healthy and natural regional thinning, skin tightening or cellulite removal. Apart from these, it is possible to perform anti-ageing applications with the same device.

FDA Approvals,

  • Wrinkle reduction (Wrinkle reduction approval for the whole body)
  • Periorbital wrinkle reduction (Periorbital wrinkle reduction approval)
  • Cellulite reduction (Cellulite reduction approval)


Especially for the system used in obesity clinics in America and Europe; it is possible to apply to the entire body. In addition, since each person’s fat layer is at different depths, even the depth to be descended through the system can be adjusted, which can lead us to the result in less time. This system, which can be combined with the most successful plastic surgery procedures, can be combined before and after liposuction or laser lipolysis to achieve more successful results.

Europe and Turkey’s latest trend, the new Anti-Ageing Application

Satin Rhytidoplasty Without Surgery

BTL Exilis Elite, which we consider to be the best combination of all systems made up to date, is the only patented technology in the world that delivers focused radiofrequency and ultrasound simultaneously. The process has a homogeneous effect on each layer under the skin and it is aimed to increase the maximum level of collagen. Immediately after the application, the results begin to be seen and increase with each passing day depending on the development of collagen. At the end of the application, patients will feel the development under the skin in the first week. As a result, the quality of the skin will increase and a homogeneous and natural beauty will emerge. It is the only approved system in the world that can be applied around the eye; can be applied to low eyelids, goose foot lines, under-eye bags and bruising, and it’s the only system with proven results in this sense.

If you want to wake up to every new day with a more vibrant, tighter and healthier skin, we are waiting for you at Ataşehir Acıbadem hospital for Satin Face and Body application.