General Information

Rhinoplasty can be done from the end of the developmental period after the final shape of the nose is formed. This approximately happens around the ages 17-18. Rhinoplasty can be performed in people with nose deformities from this age. In addition to completing the physical development, the nose aesthetic candidate must also have completed their personality development. Persons who are not yet well established personalities or have personality problems, are not suitable for rhinoplasty. The person who will have rhinoplasty should have the capacity to perceive the facts correctly and should not have surreal expectations. Rhinoplasty can be disappointing in dreamer types, for example, those who want their nose to be likened to a person who they are a fan of. Because everyone’s face, nose is different, not every nose model is fit for every face.

The Ideal Nose

To determine the nose model that will suit your face before rhinoplasty, a personal computerized design must be made. The design of the nose shape for your face is based on the general shape of your face. A nose model compatible with the forehead, cheeks, lips, chin shape, and appropriate with the golden proportions of the face should be created. The most ideal nose is the nose which also looks natural, in harmony with the facial features. Natural appearance is the most important element in rhinoplasty surgery. Believing that natural appearance should always be kept in the foreground in rhinoplasty surgery designs, we make a personalized designs. After a good rhinoplasty surgery, the nose should be both beautiful and surgery should not be understood by others. While designing the ideal nose, elegance comes to the forefront in females and the masculinity character of males should be considered.

Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty surgery is surgery that must be performed with general anaesthesia. All surgeries that require general anaesthesia are performed in the operating room environment in the hospital with the appropriate equipment. The duration of surgery varies from 1 to 4 hours depending on the magnitude of the problem in the nose. During rhinoplasty surgery, bones and cartilages are shaped according to the model determined in the design. Accordingly, if there is excess of bone and cartilage they are removed, if there are deficiencies or concavity, again they are filled with bone and cartilage fragments. In the practice of rhinoplasty surgery, each surgeon has his/her own unique technique that he/she is used to. We never break bone structures while they are being shaped. Due to the extra damage caused by breaking to shape, post-surgical pain, swelling, bruising and such complaints increase. However, when bones are cut and shaped with thin, fine cutters like a sculptor does, the quality of the surgery improves, makes the surgery more controlled and prevents unwanted surprises, while minimizing pain, swelling and bruising. We also don’t put tampons in the nostrils at the end of the surgery. In this way, it is possible to breathe easily through your nose after surgery. At the end of the operation, we place a plastic mold on the outside to maintain the shape given to your nose. This mold stays on your nose for a week.

After Rhinoplasty Surgery

After rhinoplasty surgery period will be quite comfortable, you will not feel much discomfort caused by the surgery. There may be mild pain that most people can easily tolerate and can be easily relieved with pain medication. If you feel well, you can return home on the evening of the same day or spend the night in the hospital if you want to rest. You spend the recovery period standing. No bed rest required. During this time you can go out and walk around. There will be no excessive swelling and bruising around the nose, eye edges. The resulting swelling may increase slightly in the first 1-2 days, then descend rapidly and disappear within 1 week. If bruising occurs, it disappears completely within 1 week. When you come to check in after 1 week, the plastic mold on your nose is removed, all swelling and bruises will be improved, you can return to your normal life as if you had never had an operation. It will take at least 6 months for your nose to take shape perfectly, you will see its true shape after at least 6 months. In the meantime, in the first months you have to protect your nose from bumps, sunlight, you need to use lenses instead of wearing glasses.