The ptosis of the arm can be eliminated by arm lifting applications. It causes loosening of skin and subcutaneous tissue due to weight changes and sun effect. Ptosis that occurs on the upper, rear and inner parts of the arm happens due to fat accumulation and the sagging of the skin. Skin and subcutaneous tissue in the region are loose.

Different applications can be made according to the degree of ptosis. In light ptosis, many applications can achieve results without problems. In heavy ptosis, liposuction can be performed. Depending on the skin quality, brachioplasty can be performed. If there are cracks in the skin and skin quality is impaired, brachioplasty is performed. Sometimes liposuction and brachioplasty can be performed together.

Hip Lifting

When the elasticity of the skin is lost, ptosis occurs. Hip lifting operation can be performed for those who complain of sagging caused by loss of elasticity in the hip skin and those who want to gain a tight appearance in the hips. In hip lifting operations, a portion of the sagging skin and subcutaneous tissue is removed and a youthful appearance is obtained.

Hip shape can also be corrected by liposuction method applied in the hip area. Hip prosthesis is also an effective method for obtaining a more youthful and prominent hip. These two methods can be used at the same time and better results can be achieved. Hip shape can also be corrected by hip lift surgery.