What is Browplasty?

Aesthetic upper face lift surgery is also called aesthetic browplasty surgery. Browplasty surgery, as you can easily understand from the name, is performed to tighten the forehead and temple region and to lift eyebrows.

There are some lines on everyone in the forehead, but they vary depending on the muscles work rate and age. The lines on the forehead are horizontal and the lines between the two eyebrows are vertical. There are also small horizontal lines in the area between the eyebrows and the nose called glabella. These lines are caused by mimic muscles in that region. The more these muscles work (hyperactive), the more pronounced the mimics are, and the deeper the lines of ageing. This gives the person a tired, frowning, unhappy and old appearance.

How is Browplasty performed?

An incision is made at the back of the ear, or more precisely the ear level, and the incision is made around the head to the other side. After the eyebrow location is determined if there is a need to remove excess skin, it’s removed and sutured. The bleeding periods are controlled by the drains. The technique that has been going on for a long time is in this direction. But now, simpler and easier methods are also being used.

Browplasty Surgery Types

  • Temporal Lifting Surgery : The wrinkles in the temples are usually treated in people who are in their 40s. These are very practical operations for the patient, in which the scar remains in the scalp under the hair. The patient can be discharged in the same day. Likewise, swelling and bruises on the face go away in a short time. Surgery is a one-day plastic surgery with a high success rate.
  • Browplasty and Eyebrow Lifting Surgery : During browplasty, there is an intervention on the eyebrows as well. Sometimes operations can only be performed to lift eyebrows as well. Eyebrows should be neither too high nor too low. With the eyebrow lift aesthetics, you can achieve a new modern aesthetic appearance. Surgery is highly successful and has no harm.
  • After Browplasty Surgery : After browplasty surgery, you can get rid of the lines on your forehead area that indicate your age very easily. You can also solve problems related to your eyebrows, you can have eyes with a more beautiful look. Your facial expressions are shaped. It is possible to eliminate the common problems of many patients like forehead sagging with browplasty aesthetics. Forehead sagging is very frustrating for some of our patients. In addition, if there is a profile defect, after browplasty surgery it will be improved.
  • Thread Lift : Browplasty can also be done using a thread. Tiny holes can be drilled to lift the forehead and eyebrows from the inside with the help of the thread suspension technique. In this method, there is no surgical scar. The success rate of wrong surgery is highly variable. The reason for this is the fact that everyone knows this procedure theoretically, but this is a work which requires great balance and it is a difficult operation. Yes it takes a short time and results are quite successful. But if this surgery isn’t done by a real expert who has used this technique a lot and who is a successful physician, it can cause great problems. Therefore, we recommend you to have these done by aesthetic physicians who have experience and know-how of this thread brow lift operation.
  • Endoscopic Brow Lift : Endoscopic brow lift procedures are performed by opening tiny crevices on the scalp. Surgery takes approximately 1.5 hours. It’s performed with general anaesthesia. There will be almost no scar after surgery. In fact it’s not visible. Tiny stitch marks in the hair cannot be noticed by anyone.