General Information

Motherhood is one of the most beautiful feelings a woman can live in the world and might want to taste. Every woman’s dream of pregnancy and the first time they hold their baby is indelible.Changes in the body of the woman during pregnancy and oedema begin to decline as the baby grows. Some women regain their original form in a short period of time due to their genetic body structure, but some women do not have the same body structure. Lipoidosis, ptosis or cracks in the abdomen begin to settle.

Weight and sagging that cannot be get rid of over time can cause stress and loss of self-esteem for the mother taking care of her baby. In more advanced cases, the woman may even become depressed. With surgery applications nowadays, plastic surgeons help such similar problems with whole body contouring surgery.

What is whole body contouring surgery?

In some cases diets and exercises may not help the external image to reach the desired dimensions. In such cases, whole body contouring surgeries are able to reshape and correct the body by offering combined surgeries.

Which procedures are combined with whole body contouring surgeries?

At the end of the interview with the doctor, the most appropriate procedures are decided according to the person. Whole body contouring surgeries are combined with procedures such as mastopexy with or without prosthesis, abdominoplasty, thigh lifting and liposuction.

How many sessions do whole body contouring surgeries take?

These procedure usually takes one session. There might be a second session if your doctor thinks it’s necessary.

When can whole body contouring surgeries be performed earliest?

It usually takes about a year for the body to recover after birth. In this process, the breast and abdominal tissues begin to return to their former form, and the process of slimming and recovery is completed. If your doctor approves, it is recommended that at least the breastfeeding period is over for the whole body contouring surgery can be performed.