Contact-Free Aesthetics

General Information

“BTL Vanquish ME | Contact-Free Aesthetics”, you can get rid of your fats without any contact to your skin. The application takes 45 minutes. The application that takes place without any pain or ache, is a body contouring operation performed around the world.




One of the reasons for choosing the new trend especially in regional thinning is “BTL Vanquish ME | Contact-Free Aesthetics” is a unique method in today’s conditions for thinning of the fat layer which is concentrated on the inner legs and hips. Providing equal thinning as a solution to problems such as not being thinned equally, which is one of the handicaps in regional thinning, is sufficient to be another reason for choice.



“BTL Vanquish ME | Contact-Free Aesthetics” application will not create any obstacles to your daily life, but on the contrary, it allows you to wear clothes of any tightness you want without the fear of clothing thanks to regional thinning


R: Let’s get to know you, Doctor.

E.C: Hello I am Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Op. Dr. Ercan Cihandide, I am both a doctor and a partner of YUNIQ Clinic in Istanbul Ataşehir Acıbadem Hospital. Together with all aesthetic procedures, we perform all operations we call as Body Contouring Surgery such as Liposuction, Laser Lipolysis, Abdominoplasty etc.

R: Let’s talk about your Female Patients; Who Usually Comes to You?

E.C: Aesthetic appearance is very important for women, so we appeal to all groups; from employees to employers, from those who want to have surgery to those who do not want to have surgery. In a slightly different way, when women get the result they want from one region, their sense of confidence increases and they ask for help for the regions they want to change. Getting quick and efficient results are crucial.

R: So our main topic is Patented Application Contact-Free Aesthetics with BTL Vanquish ME, could you tell us about that as a Plastic Surgeon?

E.C: As Surgeons, our perception towards the devices has always been of secondary importance. However, we can say that by looking at the international congresses we experienced abroad, both the clinical studies and the approvals of the FDA, and most importantly observing the results, this system we prefer is really new generation technology. BTL Vanquish ME is the next generation technology that uses the only Contact-Free Selective Radiofrequency Energy in the world and is completely focused on fat, ensuring decrease in fat.

R: So how does the device focus on the fat and destroy it without touching it?

E.C: In fact, we do not prefer such devices in our own profession, like the Doctor. But there is a very important aspect here! We can say it is impossible to get thinner inner leg and hips area and decrease fat in the hips with home workouts. Regular and supervised exercises are essential for thinning the hips, but not all women can have this opportunity, and we can say housewives and business women are examples for this. Being motivated and result oriented for people I work with and employ, is very important for both me and them. The sooner we start to see results, the better we are motivated and one step closer to the results. The leg, hip headpiece of the BTL Vanquish ME system operates by covering the entire area at once and applies hip thinning procedure. In other words, without the need to distinguish between the front leg inner leg or hip, with 20 minute processes the fat in the whole area is thinned homogeneously, without impacting the muscle. We can say that this is the most effective method when combined with exercise, according to clinical studies and observations. As a professional athlete I would recommend BTL Vanquish ME to all my students and new beginners for sports as an assistance.