General Information

Botox is a temporary treatment that is applied by injection to the wrinkles on your face or body.

With botox, horizontal lines on the forehead, vertical lines that simulate anger between the two eyebrows, lines called goosefoot on the outside of the eye, lines on the side wall of the nose, vertical lines on the edge of the mouth, wrinkles on the chin, horizontal and vertical lines on the neck, low nasal tip, underarm sweating , palm sweating, foot sweating treatment is done.

Botox injection starts to show its effect in 2-3 days, within 1 week it completely affects the injected area. After 3 months the effect starts to decrease. After the 6th month, the botox injection should be repeated.

Can botox and filler applications be performed at the same time?

Botox and filler applications can be performed at the same time. It’s used for the treatment of all horizontal and vertical lines on the face or body. The filling process is used for the treatment of facial collapses. For example it is done for the collapse of the cheek area or to make the cheekbones stand out more. Filling technique is also used to treat asymmetries on the face. As long as they’re on separate parts of the face, both can be done simultaneously. For example, botox application around the eye and filling around the lips can be done.

How price is determined in botox application?

Costs vary depending on the brand of botox injection, the area to be treated and the number of tubes to be used, the expertise of the chosen doctor and the quality of the procedure location. These options also vary in the quality of the result.

Are there any side effects to botox?

Botox materials are not custom made and can cause redness and allergic reactions from time to time. In order to prevent side effects, a test must be performed on a small area before starting the procedure.

After botox, what should be taken into consideration?

Any chemicals should not be applied to the face for 4 hours after the botox treatment, the botoxed area should not be rubbed and the head should not be bent downwards.

After the botox, do facial expressions disappear?

If appropriate doses of botox are applied to the appropriate points, there is no significant dulness or loss of facial expressions. When choosing botox, you should make sure that your specialist is a plastic surgeon. Don’t risk your beauty, always trust yourself to expert hands.