Advantage of Selective Radiofrequency BTL Vanquish ME

Subject Contact-Free Aesthetics Since the BTL Vanquish ME device is completely fat-oriented as a working principle, whether you are very overweight or have a model body, the presence of fat mass in the area to be applied indicates that the application can be done.

Selective Radiofrequency Btl Vanquish Me In Regional Thinning

05.02.2017 Subject Contact-Free Aesthetics Women who want to wear tight and skinny pants from today’s trends want to get rid of excess fat especially in the hips, inner leg and abdomen. However, to ensure that their daily lives are not interrupted and that they...

What is the healing process after platysmaplasty?

Subject Platysmaplasty After platysmaplasty, we discharge our patients after welcoming them for 1 night. Since platysmaplasty is performed in the area that is described as soft tissue, non-severe pain is observed.

What should people who have platysmaplasty pay attention to?

Subject Platysmaplasty As in all surgeries, a complete pre-operative preparation is needed. First of all, we question whether there are any side diseases that may prevent the operation from taking place. (Thyroid, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, etc.). We request that the patient...